Achieved Objectives

  • Vehicle Inspection System Set Up in Peru.
  • Adjustment to Ongoing Regulations
  • Coordination with Authorities
  • VTI Stations Design and Construction
  • VTI Stations Set Up
  • Performing of VTI
  • Staff training
  • Formation for Children
  • Impulsing Automotive Related Business
  • Updating motor vehicle fleet
  • Reducing Contaminant Emissions (gases and noises)
  • Traffic Accident Reduction
  • Vehicle tax Control

Our Business Group


Building, deploying and setting up vehicle inspection stations all over the World.
Advising, technical assistance and collaboration in computer networking
(software and hardware) for centralized station control.


deploys VTI Stations in Spain equipped with modern facilities. The stations have an office building, a warehouse with several lines of inspection and convenient access for pedestrians and vehicles.

Lidercon Peru

Business group focused on setting Vehicle Inspections up in Peru.