Positioning and Experience

Our 26 year experience installing machinery and vehicle inspection stations in Europe Central America, South America, Africa and Asia has allowed us to obtain a huge number of clients, proving and endorsing the hisgh level of technology and reliability of our products and services.


A sample of our organizational, technical and administrative capacity is our 7 year experience managing our own V.T.I. stations in a nine (9) million inhabitant city, including:

  • Performing V.I.T. services.
  • Controlling mandatory vehicle inspections in collaboration with government agenciesin traffic management (Police, Ministry of Transport, Municipalities, Districts, etc.).
  • Collaboration with State and International Agencies in the preparation of studies and statistics about fuel saving measures, improvements in pollution reduction, improvements in vehicle renewal, compliance with international agreements in reducing CO2 emissions (carbon credits).







Building and Setting Up Vehicle Inspection Stations

We can design and build vehicle inspection stations and we can also achieve engineering projects or we can set up world-class electronic systems, designed by our own departments.